Environmental Policy

As an authorized  distributor of electronic components, THREE FISH is committed to sound ethical practices and full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in protecting the global environment , diligently addressing all environmental issues that face the electronics industry and our customers -- both domestically and globally.

THREE FISH is aware of the ROHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU and obtained ISO14001 certificate.As we continue to grow, our commitment is to minimize the impact of our business on the environment while continuing to provide the best customer service in the industry, closely with our Amanufacturers and customers to support our Environmental Policy. To accomplish this we will maintain an Environmental Management System that will:


(A)Identify and control the products

We are committed to including accurate and traceable identification to part numbers via certified documentation from our manufacturers. In addition, we will prevent the mixing of products with different environmental aspects through strict inventory control and conservative return policies.

(B)Conflict Minerals Statement

HKYST promotes the traceability of these minerals and the transparency of the supply chain. We firmly believe that its customers should be fully informed about the products they purchase. We also expect its suppliers to these aspects of its business to only source minerals from responsible sources and provide us with proper verification of the country of origin and source of the materials used in the products they supply to it. We fully understand the importance of this issue to its customers and is committed to supplying chain initiatives and overall corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts that work towards a conflict-free supply chain. We are encouraging all of its suppliers to likewise support these efforts and make information on the origin of their product components easily accessible on their websites.

"Conflict Minerals" include: 1) columbite-tantalite, also known as coltan (the metal ore from which tantalum is extracted); 2) cassiterite (the metal ore from which tin is extracted); 3) gold; 4) wolframite (the metal ore from which tungsten is extracted); 5) their derivatives; or 6) any other mineral. 


(C)Other missions

l Maximize the Efficient Use of Corporate Resources, Prevent Pollution, and Reduce Waste.

l Increase Environmental Awareness Among Customers, Suppliers, and Employees.

l Monitor and Assure Compliance to all National and International Laws and Regulations.