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Three Fish Technology (HongKong) Co., Ltd.

To build the world's most cost-effective electronic components procurement service platform, committed to the be the largest global hybrid distributor of components.

Hong Kong THREE FISH is the largest IC supplier in the Asia Pacific region.Founded in 2004 Company specifically for the domestic aerosvpace, military weapons, radar ship, smelting, metallurgy, engineering exploration, production logging, energy conversion, railway system, institute of academy, electronic communications, power systems, satellite navigation, instrumentation, medical equipment, rf microwave communications, industrial control and other industries transmission of scientific research, production, engineering and other fields with the latest technology and provide a full range of Supporting products and services,especially for the production has been and will soon be out of favor and scarce components have a quick and unique solution. Among them, single chip microcomputer, memory, logic circuit, photoelectric coupling, voltage regulator circuit, power manager, analog signaler, relay, etc., in the inventory and sales have been consistent with the market demand of competitive advantages,Hong Kong THREE FISH company under the product line is extremely advantageousSystem-level programmable FPGA device of XILINX Company; On-line complex programmable logic CPLD device; Configure memory PROM, etc ALTERA's full range of field programmable FPGas; Programmable logic device CPLD series; Configure the memory PROM.FREESCALE Automotive IC series: vehicle 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit MCU microcontroller, MPU microprocessor, ARM microprocessor,TI's digital signal processor DSP and peripheral devices; Operational amplifier; Simulator parts; A/D, D/A digital analog conversion device; Logic device; PCI bridge; 430 series microprocessor. Digital signal processor DSP of all kinds of high performance 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit MCU; In the system programmable ISP, in the system programmable IAP microprocessor; ARM kernel embedded system; USB interface, CAN bus, LCD display driver and other peripheral IC. Brands: TI, ADI, PHILIPS, WINBONG, ATMEL, INTEL, HITACHI, MOTOROLA, NECMICROCHIP, SGS-Thomson, CYPRESS,The company set up a foreign procurement department for customers around the world to purchase, specializing in finding cheap and high-quality, less popular, military grade, production suspension IC for customers. Order goods directly from foreign manufacturers, eliminating a lot of intermediate trade links. For the realization of quality assurance, strong competitive price, fast delivery, perfect service to provide a guarantee,The brands we are authorized to distribute are: Xilinx, ALTERA, Freescale, MICROSEMI, LATTICE, ADI, IDT, Intel, Atmel, Cypre Ss (Cypress), TI/BB (Texas Instruments), Linear (Lint), Maxim (Maxim), LSI (American Logic Corporation), Spansion (Feizo Semiconductor), Micron (Magnesium) Photonics, HYNIX, SAMSUNG, ISSI, AVAGO, Agilent, NSC, NXP, RENESAS, Fairchild, IR Flow device), Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi Electromechanical), Infineon (Infineon), Microchip (American Microchip), ON (Anson), ST (stmicroelectronics), EPCOS (EPCOS), OMRON (OMRON), PHOENIX (PHOENIX), Honeywell (Hoe) Nivel, INTERSIL, AMP, TYCO and other world famous manufacturers of large integrated circuit agent, distributor,We in line with the tenet of "quality first, integrity management", guarantee the supplied products are original authentic, has now become the small and medium-sized enterprises, the medical device production enterprise, research institute, aerospace research institute, colleges and universities, forces all arms of the subordinate enterprises, the specified qualified suppliers, and have gained good trust and praise. Our company is actively expanding supply and marketing channels,Set the best talents in the industry, to provide customers with one-stop procurement and free technical support services, to constantly improve the quality of service and efforts. At the same time, we also hope to have extensive exchanges, learning and mutually beneficial cooperation with customers and industry peers for common development and progress.

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