TS883IQ2T Rail-to-rail 0.9V nanopower, open drain dual comparators

The open-drain series of nanopower comparator integrates a single version TS880 and a dual version TS883. They feature an ultra low supply current of 250 nA typical per operator with rail-to-rail input capability and open-drain output. The performance of these comparators allows them to be used in a wide range of portable applications. The TS880 and TS883 minimize battery supply leakage and therefore enhance battery lifetime.

Operating from 0.9 to 5.5V supply voltage, these comparators can be used over a wide temperature range (-40 to +125 °C) keeping the current consumption at an ultra low level.

  • Ultra low current consumption: 250 nA typ./op.

  • Propagation delay: 2 µs typ.

  • Rail-to-rail inputs

  • Open-drain outputs

  • Supply operation from 0.9 V to 5.5 V

  • Wide temperature range: -40 to +125 °C

  • ESD tolerance: 8 kV HBM

  • Single version available in SC70-5 and SOT23-5 package

  • Dual version available in MiniSO8 and DFN8 2x2 mm package